Human Stuff

Superficial Pursuits of Ego-Feeding Displays of Greatness.

Why Just Human?

At some point in my life, I got sick of titles and the need to impress people during with a contrived and stagnant reply for the question, “so what do you do?” In this superficial, yet socially acceptable means of getting to know someone, I began responding with, “Well, I am a human doing many different human things.” How does one translate several careers into one title? It’s difficult to embrace humility, but at the core of what makes a professional title, it’s all superficial pursuits of ego-feeding displays of greatness. .

Subject Matter Expert

My work in software architecture, technical documentation, and consumer engagement to digital strategy.

Visual Performer

Some call it modeling, but I like to call it a visual performance that is art-focused, tells a story, with a dash of political incorrectness.


Listen to me talk pretty in a couple voiceover project ventures.