Human Stuff

Superficial Pursuits of Ego-Feeding Displays of Greatness.

Why Just Human?

At some point in my life, I got sick of titles and the need to impress people during those moments of needing to give the contrived and stagnant replies for the question, “so what do you do?” In this superficial, yet socially acceptable means of getting to know someone, I began responding with, “Well, I am a human doing many different human things.” How does one translate several careers into one title? It’s difficult to embrace humility, but at the core of what makes a professional title, it’s all superficial pursuits of ego-feeding displays of greatness. . . right?

Subject Matter Expert

My work in software architecture, technical documentation, and consumer engagement to digital strategy.

Visual Performer

Some call it modeling, but I like to call it a visual performance that is art-focused, tells a story, with a dash of political incorrectness.


Listen to me talk pretty in a couple voiceover project ventures.


Kathleen Mae is an artist, writer, speaker, and digital media subject matter expert located in York, Pennsylvania.

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