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Who Am I?

I am a Digital Media Marketer and Technologist SME with 19 years of professional experience in translating business goals to innovative digital strategies, marketing methodologies, web products, and advertising collateral that drives customer growth and exposure across digital channels utilizing psychology, Inbound Marketing, and rhetorical principles.

I am also a community organizer, mother of two toddlers, hobby photographer, writer, and adventurer who is always looking to expand my knowledge.

You might ask me when we meet,  “so what do you do?” In this superficial, yet socially acceptable means of getting to know someone. I might very well respond with, “Well, I am a human doing many different human things.”

How does one translate several careers, interests, hobbies, and goals into one title? While I prefer to practice a bit of humility,  at the core of what makes a professional title, experience, awards, credentials, is all superficial pursuits of ego-feeding displays of greatness. . . right?

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