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Superficial Pursuits of Ego-Feeding Displays of Greatness
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The Darkness at Our Door

The Darkness at Our Door 24 June 2017 Life Society If I could have my way, I would always be happy. I would spend my days walking through the countryside barefoot and submitting myself to grassy fields filled with wild flowers. My eyes would fall in love with the...

The Social Media Seduction

The Social Media Seduction 1 May 2017 Life Society Empower The words of praise delicately dance on our bare skin. The young impressionable girls are most attentive With every word, it seduces us to sin and fills lusting hopes of acceptance with false incentives. Our...

The Soothing Glass of Wine

The Soothing Glass of Wine 1 May 2017 Life Society Empower Wine, symbolic for the blood of Christ, runs through my veins on a nightly basis, pumping my heart with wanton desire. With courage to cleanse my daily sins through the baptism of a woody Merlot, it comforts...

Arrival of Spring

The Arrival of Spring 16 APRIL 2016 Nature Life Society Leaves of a tree, they blend into the landscape of our world. Each one looking just as similar as the next. In the fall, they change and in the winter they die. When spring comes, everything is reborn. We witness...

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Kathleen Mae is an artist, writer, speaker, and digital media subject matter expert located in York, Pennsylvania.

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