Portfolio & Projects

Graphic Design

Print, Logos, and Design

Graphic design, branding, and print, because who doesn’t love making something look good and slapping your name on it? It’s the grown-up version of drawing your initials on your Trapper Keeper.


Website Design, Development, and Strategy

I started my website development journey back in 1997 when the Internet was just getting popular and websites were in their infancy. Armed with Notepad (a word application) and AngelFire website hosting, I vowed to learn to code, one “Hello World” and tag at a time. I blogged before it was blogging and sold my art before it was eCommerce. I’ve lived and breathed technology for most of my life. Almost 26 years later, I’ve created over 500 websites with 80% being “hard coded” HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These days, times have changed, and being a web developer means using WYSIWYG technology for Content Management Systems (WordPress, etc) and customizing pre-built templates. The basic functions of how it works are starting to become extinct as more development becomes drag-and-drop. I rarely create websites by myself and work mostly with teams and vendors, teaching the basics of development, troubleshooting, optimizing, and implementing strategies. This portfolio area is just a small sample of my work over the more recent years of management and consulting.

Video Projects

Voiceovers, Reels, Editing, and Film

A great story can be told in any form, whether it’s through a captivating video, a short and sweet reel, or a compelling voiceover. I love the creative field and have always assisted in any way I could to craft a compelling narrative. From writing and editing scripts and conceptualizing reels that capture a brand’s personality, this area is a bite-sized piece of content display that’s growing every day.

Community Builder

Passion Projects and Community Movements

Pennsylvania Society of Professional Women
Coming Fall 2023, a social society movement that marches to its own heartbeat within the Pennsylvania community fueled by comradery, sisterhood, and professional empowerment, fostering a positive and authentic space to learn, grow, and succeed.
The Brunch Society Club

York & Lancaster Pennsylvania area monthly brunch social group open to all members of the community regardless of gender identification.


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