Navigating the Real World: Recognizing Instagram and Internet Friends without Awkwardness

In this modern age of hashtags and filters, chances are you’ve had one of those awkward encounters when you spot your Instagram or internet friends in real life. 

I’m strolling through the grocery store, rocking my “I’m here for snacks” vibe. Suddenly, I see someone who looks strangely familiar… It’s a local York City celebrity I only know on social media and their carefully curated Instagram life! I spot them from the canned goods aisle and do the infamous “Am I seeing things?” double-take. My brain goes into overdrive, trying to match their real-life face with their IG profile pic. Am I Sherlock Holmes, or just socially awkward? Only time will tell.

kat mae

The Stealthy Glance

You’re out at your favorite coffee shop, sipping on your caramel macchiato and suddenly… there they are! Your Instagram buddy. You want to be subtle, so you give them the ‘stealthy glance’ over the rim of your cup. Just remember, subtlety is key! Don’t stare too long; you’re not in a spy movie.

The Awkward Approach

You’ve spotted them from across the room, and you’re confident it’s your internet friend. Time to make your move! But, hold on, should you just walk up and say, “Hey, I follow you on Instagram!”? Maybe ease into it with a friendly smile or a wave. Remember, they might not recognize you without your filter game on point.

The Uncanny Resemblance

Ever met someone and thought, “Wow, you look exactly like your Instagram photos… except in 3D!”? Sometimes, people appear just as you imagined them, and it’s like meeting a celebrity. Embrace the uncanny resemblance and give them a compliment. “You look even better in person!” is always a winner.

The Double-Take Dilemma

It’s the classic ‘double-take’ scenario. You see someone who looks incredibly familiar but can’t quite place where you know them from. Is it that food blogger you follow or just a doppelganger? Approach them with a friendly, “Excuse me, but do you post amazing food pics online?” They’ll either laugh or confirm your suspicions.

Tips To Erase Social Awkwardness

To avoid social awkwardness, remember that confidence comes with practice. Start by actively listening to others and showing genuine interest in their conversations. Maintain good eye contact and practice open body language to appear approachable. Don’t overthink every word you say; it’s okay to be yourself and share your thoughts naturally. Embrace your unique quirks and humor, as authenticity often eases social interactions. Lastly, remember that everyone experiences moments of awkwardness from time to time, so be kind to yourself and learn from each experience to continually improve your social skills.

kathleen domaruk