Cyber Security Awareness

Internal Company Campaign

The Challenge

Internal communications marketing campaign to increase the awareness of phishing email and link scams. Current efforts from the CCO have been word documents attached to emails and making word-heavy posters for wall display to spread the message. The message has faded into the background as just another piece of “corporate communication” and an increase in phishing successes across the company.

The Solution

Create a combination of posters, email campaigns, web graphics, and Intranet publications. Material will be tied together by directing users to a single resource: The company’s Intranet cyber security webpage which provides more in-depth knowledge and advice.

SWOT Analysis


  • An abundance of available design & development resources are available.
  • Multiple department support and contribution.
  • Knowledgeable cyber security team to assist with content creation.
  • Large audience to receive and spread message


  • Replace the “tick box culture” and focus on designing the best solutions for end-user experience: Shake things up and think outside the box.
  • Develop a new system of metrics for tracking the success of initiatives.
  • Develop a new company culture of training practices.


  • It will be easy for the message to fade into the background as just another piece of “corporate communication” is posted on the wall.
  • The relationship between “corporate” and “facility” culture can be strained in some areas.


  • The majority of facility staff are overworked and mistakes and shortcuts can be made when it comes to cyber security protocols.
  • Training topic is mentally heavy and end-users can be easily overwhelmed with the subject.

Delivery Methodology

Monthly Email Newsletters

  • Attractive eye-catching design
  • Link content to FRC webpage/blog postings
  • Create a “contest” section for User Engagement
  • Can you spot the Phish?

Cyber Awareness Webpage or Blog

    • Document links to compliance created collateral on subject.
    • Blog postings of recent internal security threats/topics.
    • Departmental Links to compliance resources.
    • Library of security resource documents.